Welcome to Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Institute of Pharmacy

Dalit Mitra Sau. Indutai Wankhede President Savitribai Fule Mahila Mandal, Wardha

Honorable Dalit Mitra Sau. Indumati Krushnarao Wankhede President of Savitribai Fule Mahila Mandal Wardha, had a great desire to spread education to the common man of the society for their upliftment and progress. She believes in power of foresight for bringing about intellectual awakening and transformation in social educational & cultural field of the region, The founder Sau. Indumati Krushnarao Wankhede emphasis of good quality of education, discipline welfare of the student and the staff.

Our Mission

The mission of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Institute of Pharmacy is to prepare students to become pharmacists who are leaders in any setting. The College provides a quality education that effectively integrates critical thinking, problem-solving and leadership skills.

Our Vision

Develop Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Institute of Pharmacy into a centre of excellence in Pharmaceutical Education.Be recognized as one of the Best Institution in pharmacy educational industry.

Why Choose Us

 In 2014 we put up an effective step in the field of Pharmacy Education by establishing a new Institution named Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Institute of Pharmacy. This Institute is the need of rural youth of the surrounding area. Since then we are striving hard to meet all the demands of Pharmacy profession. Today, the profession of Pharmacy has expanded immensely and there are a lot of opportunities in Clinical Research, Nanotechnology, Molecular Biology, Photochemistry and so on.

Intellectual Development

We give special attention to your intellectual development. We have special classes just to make you smarter

Idea Generation

We believe that ideas can change life that is why our curriculum is developed to encourage new ideas.

Global Education

We believe that education should have a global reach that is why we make you ready for the world.

Learning Environment

Excellent environment for learning and development of the student.


Yogesh G Raut 79.27% 2016-17
Rushikesh G Jumle 77.20% 2016-17
Siddhant Shekle 76.07% 2016-17
Anis Shah Akram Shah 75.91% 2016-17
Pooja S Wawali 73.0% 2016-17
Ankit R Jadhav 85.01% 2017-18
Ayushi R. Kumbhare 80.54% 2017-18
Anis Shah Akram Shah 79.50% 2017-18
Sheikh Arif 84.80% 2018-19
Aquib Husain Aleem Husain 84.60% 2018-19
Vaishnavi G. Bangde 83.80% 2018-19
Uzma A. Ansari 81.90% 2018-19
Gaurav D. Ghode 81.82% 2018-19
Vishal G. Rathod 81.18% 2018-19
Mayuri Sakharkar 85% 2019-20
Saurabh Pawar 83.73% 2019-20
Vaishnavi Jamgade 81.18% 2019-20
Himanshi Dhande 81.18% 2019-20
Gaurav Ghode 95.10% 2019-20
Samiksha jagtap 94.30% 2019-20
Vaishnavi G. Bangde 94.20% 2019-20
Mayuri sakharkar 92.00% 2020-21
Sameen I sheikh 86.10% 2020-21
Arpit zile 83.30% 2020-21
Pratham pantawane 84.36% 2020-21
Sakshi patne 83.40% 2020-21
Muskan shaikh 82.27% 2020-21